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kous - Synthetic Flower Laboratory

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"The digital voices of vocaloids accompany the sound of his acoustic instrument playing... the gentle, flowing melody and choice of words leaves an emotional impression. This is the latest from the standard-bearer of lyrical vocaloid music, welcoming you to a world so beautiful and fragile that you'll feel the earth move under your feet. ●Disc1(CD) 1. #FFFFFF 2. Black and White 3. Floating Drea 4. Violet Picture Book 5. Truth + Lie 6. Good Girl Bad Girl 7. Crybaby and Bouquet 8. Sakana 9. Melancholic Grim Reaper 10. Watchmaker and The Dream 11. pipopa 12. Tame Iki 13. Camille 14. Nightmare 15. Hello Comet 16. #000000 17. Layering Human Shadows feat. ef 18. Lying Fake Flowers feat. Lasah 19. Good Girl Bad Girl (DECO*27 E-KO Remix) 20. Camille (sasakure.UK Falling Remix) ●Disc2(DVD) 1. Floating Dream 2. Good Girl Bad Girl 3. Sakana 4. Camille 5. Layering Human Shadows feat. ef 6. Lying Fake Flowers feat. Lasah"

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