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sasakure.UK - Fukashigi Monoyukasy(Limited Edition)

3,700 JPY

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[NOTICE] At the time of delivery, depending on the destination country and area, you may be required to pay taxes, duties, and fees related to the delivery of goods. Customers are responsible for those charges. For further information in terms of those charges, please contact DHL support or its agents in your country/area. https://www.dhl.com/en/dhl_worldwide.html sasakure.UK will release his 4th album, ""Fukashigi Monoyukasy"" in 2nd Dec.! You can pre order on this web store! It is a sequel sharing a view of the world same as ""Makamaka Monomonosy"", and ""Fukashigi Monoyukasy"" is conclusion. It is the new song of the all songs newly written for this album. Bonus tracks is ""The Helix of Garatia"" (Garatea No Rasen) and ""Brionac of Steel-flash feat. Perio"" (Senkou No Brionac).""The Helix of Garatia"" was written for collaboration of ""maimai"" × ""HALFPIPE TOKYO"" (SEGA's arcade game) and ""Brionac of Steel-flash feat. Perio"" was written for ""CHUNITHM"" (SEGA's arcade game) <Tracklist> DISC 1 [CD] 01. Welcome to Fukashigi 02. Pinboke Wonder-World Peace feat. Annabel 03. Ponkotsu Distorker feat. IA 04. Claimer's High feat. Ayaponzu* 05. n o u r 06. Ghost Light feat. Kasane Teto 07. Myriad of Ages Lullaby feat. sorako 08. Ubawaretamono feat. lasah 09. A Millennium and the Spiral, For Things that Fall feat. swi 10. Hyakkiyagyo(MillionGhostWander) 11. ki ki kai kai feat. GUMI 12. A(ma)YAKASHI Monoganasy feat. Perio 13. …to mo da ti ? 14. The Helix of Garatia 15. Brionac of Steel-flash feat. Perio

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