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PINOCCHIOP - PinocchioP Best Album 2009-2020 Kotobuki

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[NOTICE] At the time of delivery, depending on the destination country and area, you may be required to pay taxes, duties, and fees related to the delivery of goods. Customers are responsible for those charges. For further information in terms of those charges, please contact DHL support or its agents in your country/area. https://www.dhl.com/en/dhl_worldwide.html ------- A best-of album including popular songs, hidden gems, and remixes by gorgeous VOCALOID-P! The album includes popular songs posted on video sharing sites and remixes by PINOCCHIOP and other VOCALOID P artists. The total number of views for the songs in the album has exceeded 100,000,000 views, making this album a compilation of PINOCCHIOP's songs to date. Also, almost all of the songs have been remixed by PINOCCHIOP himself, making the album even more rewarding to listen to than when it was first released, making it a best-of album at its best. This is a collection of songs that can be used as an introduction to the history of the PINOCCHIOP, and also as a discovery for the fans of the past. The title "寿" (Kotobuki) is a reference to the situation that Japan, and indeed the world as a whole, is facing after 2020, namely the image of jet-blackness, and the desire to shatter it with the splendor of red and white color. In addition to the standard and popular songs from their recent energetic live performances, some silver-tongued masterpieces give us a glimpse of the turning point, as well as free and expressive remixes by gorgeous artists created for this album, giving us a different perspective on PINOCCHIOP's poetic world. Contents: 3 CDs / Special Box / Jewel case / Booklet Catalog No.: UMA-9139-41 [Tracklist] [Disc1] 01. Because You’re Here 02. All I Need are Things I Like 03. Ghosts Play to the Audience 04. NINA 05. SLoWMoTIoN 06. Apple dot com 07. At the Mercy of Emptiness 08. Motivation is Dead 09. Tonchinkan Feast - MV edit - 10. Mushroom Mother 11. I'm glad you're evil too 12. Nobody Makes Sense 13. The Vocaloid Songs 10 Years Later [Disc2] 01. The World Hasn’t Even Started Yet 02. Nice To Meet You, Mr. Earthling 03. Common World Domination 04. Kusare-gedou and Chocolate 05. Crappy Fantasy Days - MV edit - 06. What's Inside 07. Vocaloids are Lame 08. It’s Matsuri, Hey Come On! - MV edit - 09. GORGEOUS BIG CONVERSATION 10. Antenna - re:rec - 11. Don't Kill the Love Song 12. eight hundred 13. Thanks for being Lifeless [Disc3] Mushroom Mother - ZANIO & PinocchioP live remix - NINA - Jumping remix - Don't Kill the Love Song - JAPAN EXPO remix - All I Need are Things I Like - DECO*27 & TeddyLoid remix - Nobody Makes Sense - nu metal remix - Apple dot com - Sickness remix - YOZURINA - doze off remix - It’s Matsuri, Hey Come On! - kashimashi remix - Nice To Meet You, Mr. Earthling - nakatagai remix - What's Inside - ATOLS remix - SLoWMoTIoN - sasakure.UK remix -

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