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HMO Toka No Naka No Hito. (PAw Lab,) - Hatsune Miku Orchestra

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HMO Toka No Naka No Hito. (PAw Lab,) is one of the first generation Vocaloid producers and known for their homage to legendary Yellow Magic Orchestra. This is one of milestone albums in Vocaloid/Hatsune Miku history, interpreting YMO classics with the Hatsune Miku vocals. This special edition comes with gorgeous 36 pages book with full of Hatsune Miku illustrations. Mastered by Mitsuo Koike who is known for his engineering for YMO albums. Hatsune Miku Orchestra 1. PROPAGANDA 2. YELLOW MAGIC (TONG POO) 3. YOU'VE GOT TO HELP YOURSELF 4. BEHIND THE MASK 5. LA FEMME CHINOISE 6. ONGAKU 7. EXPECTING RIVERS 8. CUE 9. KEY 10. KAGEKI NA SHUKUJO 11. LOTUS LOVE 12. KIMI NI MUNE KYUN 13. JISEIKI -HIRAKE KOKORO- NICE AGE 14. TECHNOPOLIS 15. RYDEEN

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