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sasakure.UK - The Fantastic Reality of Aesop

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"Infinite possibilities reverberating at the border between reality and imagination! A new genre created by the top artist of the social network generationis this ""SF = sasakure fiction""!? ●Disc1(CD) 1. Prologue - The Fantastic Reality of Aesop 2. Lost and Found feat. Miku Hatsune 3. A Soliloquy of The Boy who Cried Wolf feat. Cana(Sotte Bosse) 4. Tiger Rampage feat. Rin Kagamine 5. Suddenly, You are Floating feat. sorako 6. Crybaby Pippo feat. Miku Hatsune 7. Love Blossoming Flower* feat. mirto 8. Butterfly Effect feat. Choucho 9. SeventH-HeaveN feat. Miku Hatsune 10. Little Cry of The Abyss feat. Asako Toki 11. Interlude - The Human and The Humanoid 12. Non-World Harmonize feat. Rin Kagamine 13. The Trash-Heap Princess and Apostrophe feat. Miku Hatsune 14. Machine-Memory in Aether feat. Luka Megurine 15. Steel-reconstruction Fiction feat. Perio 16. Epilogue - The Fantastic Reality of Aesop [Bonus Tracks] 17. Tiger Rampage feat. UK Rampage

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