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PinocchioP - It's a Matsuri, Hey Come On!(Limited Edition)

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Brand new album by the new sensation from the Vocaloid world, PinocchioP is CD/DVD album. All the hits and new songs featured for your holidays entertainments! [Track list]  01. Friend or Foe or PinocchioP (Teki ka Mikata ka PinocchioP ka) 02. Common World Domination (Arihureta Sekai Seihuku) 03. Crappy Fantasy Days (Kusou Shomonai Hibi) 04. Aimaina 05. Cause I'm a Dreg Too (Bokumo Kuzudakara) 06. Yesterday, I Ate Bread (Kinou, Panwo Tabemashita) 07. Tonchinkan Feast (Tonchinkan No En) 08. Kusare-gedou and Chocolate (Kusare-gedou to Chocolate) 09. LastContinue 10. It’s Matsuri, Hey Come On! (Matsurida Hey Come On!) 11. Mushroom Mother 12. Don't Kill the Love Song (Love Song wo Korosanaide) 13. SLoWMoTIoN 14. Core 15. Doushite-chan‘s Theme (Doushite-chan no Theme) ※DVD: Audio Commentary

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