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Young Juvenile Youth - Youth / A Way Out (Limited Edition)

1,500 JPY

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Very limited edition of brand new EP from Young Juvenile Youth. Featuring two new compositions with remixes. Packed in a Yuki-illustrated paper cover designed by Yuki and Mark Drew, an Australia-born graphic artist, in plastic jewel case. New tracks features guests; Erik Luebs, Cutsigh and Palmecho and Hive (Stretch) reconstructed by JEMAPUR is exclusive to this cassette. Trackllisting: [side A] 1. Youth 2. A Way Out 3. Youth (Tropical Cold Flip) 4. A Way Out (Deconstruct Dub) [side B] 5. Hive (Stretch) Exclusive Dropcard? (download card) is enclosed. Young Juvenile Youth Official Site http://yjymusic.com/

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