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PinocchioP - ZERO-GO (CD)

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[NOTICE] At the time of delivery, depending on the destination country and area, you may be required to pay taxes, duties, and fees related to the delivery of goods. Customers are responsible for those charges. For further information in terms of those charges, please contact DHL support or its agents in your country/area. https://www.dhl.com/en/dhl_worldwide.html » The first album by PinocchioP in 2 years » Featuring 12 songs including already-hot-tracks at video sharing sites. » Over the total 15,000,000 plays at video sharing sites, " ZERO-GO" is PinocchioP's album with the most tracks released and played on the video sharing sites. » Featuring a self-cover version of "Ghosts Play to the Audience", originally composed for Nanao Akari. » Includes "Mei Mei" which is a campagin song for JR East's in-station store New Days / KIOSK "Natsukita 2018 'Hokkaido Fair'". » Containing "Thanks for being Lifeless", which was written for Hatsune Miku's 10th anniversary album "Re:Start" (dwango). 1. Nobody Makes Sense 2. (Rotten) Apple dot com 3. Ghosts Play to the Audience 4. YOZURINA 5. I.Q 6. Whatever Yama Says Goes 7. Mei Mei 8. Sick Sick Sick 9. Beautiful Fiction 10. What's Inside 11. Zero 12. Thanks for being Lifeless

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