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Hiroshi Watanabe "MULTIVERSE"

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Hiroshi Watanabe, known also as Kaito has made a debut from Derrick May's legendary Transmat Records. CD2 includes an exclusive DJ mix made from the album tracks by none other than Hiroshi Watanabe. Artwork by Abdul Qadim Haqq, renowned for his works for Underground Resistance, Submerge imprint and more. TRACKLISTING <CD1> 1. Aperture Synthesis 2. Inner Planets 3. Soul Transitions 4. The Leonids 5. Story Teller 6. Heliosphere 7. The Multiverse 8. Time Flies Like an Arrow 9. Field of Heaven <CD2> 1. MULTIVERSE MIX - Mixed by HIROSHI WATANABE includes an exclusive track "Galaxy Cluster".

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