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Various Artists - TENSEI ZESSYOU-INDEX Best of Utattemita

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"Utattemita" now is taken as one of the essential parts of Nico Nico Douga culture. Literally meaning "tried to sing", "Utattemita" now is a popular term and we see some "Utaites" getting popular on SNS. Two albums presented here are the first showcase of those "Utaites" who cover well-known vocaloid songs. http://tensei-zessho.com/ <Tracklist> Touyu / 「SLoWMoTIoN」 by PinocchioP Hiiragi Yuka × Sana / 「Happy Helloween」 by Junky GLUTAMINE × hasiyan / 「Amanojyaku」 by 164 vivienne × kakichoco / 「Invisible」 by kemu Mafumafu / 「Terminating The World」 by Neru nameless / 「Toumei Elegy」 by n-buna kradness / 「Raspberry*Monster」 by HoneyWorks and more!!

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