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[NOTICE] At the time of delivery, depending on the destination country and area, you may be required to pay taxes, duties, and fees related to the delivery of goods. Customers are responsible for those charges. For further information in terms of those charges, please contact DHL support or its agents in your country/area. --------------------------- ・2xLP on Red and Green Vinyl ・Featuring the song “Peaches” performed by Jack Black as Bowser(※The track is sung in English, identical to the imported version.) ・Score Composed by Brian Tyler ・Original Nintendo Themes by Koji Kondo ・Includes Japanese-language manual, bilingual lyrics and liner notes A SENSATIONAL GLOBAL SUCCESS! MARIO'S WORLD DEPICTED WITH A FULL ORCHESTRA! The domestic edition vinyl LP of the soundtrack for the movie "The Super Mario Bros. Movie," which continues to be a huge hit, have been released! "The Super Mario Bros. Movie'' is an action fantasy film that was jointly produced by the CG animation studio "Illumination," known for "Minions," and Nintendo's development team, based on Nintendo's action game series "Super Mario Bros." It has exceeded the unprecedented 12 billion yen mark in the history of international animated films! The music that colors the movie has also been highly acclaimed, in addition to its story and visuals. Brian Tyler, who has worked on scores for Hollywood blockbusters such as the "Fast & Furious" series and Marvel Studios films, collaborated closely with Koji Kondo, who composed the original theme music for the Super Mario series, to carefully create numerous memorable compositions. Moreover, the captivating ballad "Peaches," which Bowser plays on the piano in the movie, is sung by the exceptionally talented Hollywood actor Jack Black! Additionally, it's an enjoyable discovery to find arrangements of familiar video game music scattered throughout the film. TRACK LIST [Side A] Press Start King of the Koopas Plumbin’ Ain’t Easy It’s a Dog Eat Plumber World Saving Brooklyn The Warp Pipe A Strange New World The Darklands Welcome To The Mushroom Kingdom Peaches [Side B] 2 Player Game The Mushroom Council The Plumber and the Peach Platforming Princess World 1-1 The Adventure Begins Lost and Crowned Imprisoned Courting the Kongs [Side C] Super Marios Bros. Opus Drivin’ Me Bananas Rumble in the Jungle Karts! Practice Makes Perfect Buckle Up Rainbow Road Rage Blue Shelled [Side D] Level Complete An Indecent Proposal The Belly of the Beast Fighting Tooth and Veil Tactical Tanooki Grapple in the Big Apple Superstars The Super Mario Brothers Bonus Level

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