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Dub Squad - Mirage

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Legendary breakbeats techno trio, Dub Squad has returned after 16 years of hiatus with their 4th long player titled “Mirage”. In addition to the 5 brand new original repertoires, the album features 5 remixes by System 7, Yoshinori Sunahara, DUB-Russell, ZANIO and Kukangendai. Dub Squad: Koji Nakanishi, Taro Yamamoto, Tatsuki Masuko (Rovo) They have focused on unique live performances, putting the audience into a state of trance, which had a huge impact on the early rave scene in Japan back in 1990s. Since their debut album “Dub in Ambient” (1996) on the German label “after 6 am”, they released albums, such as “Enemy? or Friend!?” (1998) and “Versus” (2001). Through the career, the trio has rocked the audience of festivals including “Rainbow 2000”, “Fuji Rock Festival”, and “Metamorphose”. With their unique style blending influences from various genres and their groundbreaking live performances, they have stay in the unique status in the Japanese club scene. Dub Squad - Mirage Paper Gatefold Sleeve UMA-9086-9087 (2CD) [Disc1] 01. Mirage 02. Psycho Out 03. Star position 04. Exopon 05. Straight Ahead [Disc2] 01. Mirage – Yoshinori Sunahara remix 02. Psycho Out – ZANIO remix 03. Star Position – DUB-Russell remix 04. Exopon – Kukangendai re-form 05. Straight Ahead – System 7 Space Lab remix

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